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Musca Law have a team of Tampa DUI lawyers and Criminal Defense Attorneys that have the experience with the criminal and drunk driving laws that may be involved in your particular case. Our team of lawyers will defend your case aggressively to bring out the best possible outcome in your favor.


Musca Law has experience successfully handling charges involving Drug CrimesGun CrimesWhite Collar Crimes, Federal CrimesTraffic CrimesViolent CrimesTheft CrimesSex CrimesDUI and other complex criminal matters such as criminal violations of the Florida trade mark act, cyber crimes, as well as criminal record expungements.  


As a Daytona Beach criminal attorney and a Daytona Beach DUI lawyer, Musca Law’s overriding philosophy is to employ a high powered and aggressive strategy when representing clients in their Daytona Beach criminal defense, regardless of the type of case or who the client may be.  Musca Law operates on a policy of open communication, where every client constantly gets direct and personalized access to him.



Criminal & DUI FAQ

The presumption of innocence until proven guilty is established only in theory.  In fact, if you have been arrested for a crime, you probably feel as if you have already been found guilty.  Here are some frequently answered questions about criminal & DUI law that can hopefully give you some rest of mind during this process.  Criminal FAQ & DUI FAQ.

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Daytona Beach criminal lawyer | Daytona Beach DUI attorney John Musca is one of the Daytona Beach criminal lawyers at Musca Law, a Daytona Beach Criminal Defense Law Firm. For an experienced criminal defense attorney in Daytona Beach, call Musca Law. Learn More.



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